Saturday, December 5, 2015

Abominable Electronics | Boutique Pedals from Hell

In the mass market of guitar pedals, it can be tough to find the right pedals for your tone. For those of you that want a heavy distortion sound, there is a new option that will rip your soul in pieces. Abominable Electronics has the pedals that will melt faces and summon the powers of hell right to your rig.

I am always on the prowl for new pedals to have on hand here at the studio. Many of my clients like to use distortion & fuzz on their tracks, so I went on a search for something new that would offer something more than the standard Boss, Ibanez, or the horde of pedals available.

My search lead me to the handmade pedals of Abominable Electronics. Hailing from North Carolina, these pedals are built tough and live up to their appearance. I ordered the HAIL SATAN DELUXE pedal and it has been a workhorse. The "Dirt" pot dials in subtle fuzz to bone-crushing distortion that works for all ranges of hard and heavy music. The deluxe version of this pedal offers both the standard Hail Satan option + the Russian version. The Russian toggle dials in a smoother signal response that has worked magic on bass tracks that need some fuzz, but want to retain the low end punch. This pedal is perfect for all fuzz/distortion applications and can even be a great reamp pedal for double tracking vocals. The power is unmatched and this pedal will be a cornerstone of my pedal board for a long time to come.

This pedal is extremely versatile with the ability to adjust so many parameters of the signal. Priced at a modest $200, this is a must-have pedal.

Friday, December 4, 2015

2015 Year End Sale | Shine On Studio Cyber Holiday Sale

2015 has been a great year for music at Shine On Studio.
Shine On Studio was voted the #1 recording studio in the Bay Area by and is currently the featured spotlight business on their website.
With the studio success, there have been some upgrades to the equipment and studio furnishings. We've added (5) 16 channel headphone mixers to the recording room. This allows each musician to create a custom headphone mix for tracking. This is a great way to dial in the perfect sound during recording. Plus we've added some new mics & mic preamps to offer a wider selection of recording options.

Now it is time to wrap things up for 2015 and I'm offering some huge discounts on studio time. Check out the Cyber Holiday sale for big savings on studio rates. Plus, all Cyber Holiday deals come with 2 bonus offers that will save you even more cash all the way through 2016. All the details are on the webpage. Please contact me if you have any questions about the Cyber Deals.
I'm looking forward to working with everyone on their new music projects in 2016!
Happy Holidays!