Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shine On Studio in full swing

Shine On Studio is now fully operational and already making amazing tracks with the new digital and analog gear. With the addition of our new EUCON 28 fader console, the "hands-on" feature of the studio is taking mixing to a whole new level. Clients can now get a feel for their mix and add a more personal touch to how the mix turns out. The EUCON console is completely integrated into our upgrade to Pro Tools 10HD and gives accurate precision to editing automation and clips. The new enhancements to PT 10HD have streamlined the workflow in the studio. Clients can spend more time working on the recording stage and then get a focused session to produce a mix that yields professional results on the first pass of the mix.

A new addition to Shine On Studio is the Dangerous 2-BUS LT analog summing console. Paired with our Dangerous D-BOX, we now have 24 channels of analog summing to work with during mixing. These amazing little boxes bring more life, punch, warmth, and clarity to mixing. Being able to take the digital tracks and add some analog signal to the chain has drastically improved the final quality of music produced at Shine On Studio.