Sunday, June 21, 2015

Music Review | EsZ "Maybe I'm Trippin"

Brooklyn's hottest musical genius, EsZ, has released a new single, "Maybe I'm Trippin" and brings his smooth flavors to the music industry. A reflective track with lyrics that reminisce the vintage styles of artists from the past decades with a flare for the progressive direction that the hip hop movement is making. EsZ is a pioneer into the uncharted territory of the unknown future of music. The track finds a way to combine instruments in a composition that brings emotions from all directions. When you here this track it strikes a chord with your own feelings even if the lyrics are not what's repeating in your own mind.

Production techniques on this track are very progressive and exemplify the deep creativity of everyone involved in this production. EsZ has surrounded himself with a team of professionals that are breaking ground on a new voyage deep into the heart of new musical ideas. Great things come from the artists that think outside of the box and this track will definitely have you trippin' on the unique style of the flow from beginning to end. Take a few minutes out of your day and check out the track. It just may take you to a new level of consciousness and possibly lead you to adding the track to your music collection.